can you trust the star ratings for a hotel anymore

There are many stories about star ratings for a hotel, some people have a hard time trusting it because when they actually check in, it seems like the ratings does not suit to the hotel. Now days there are lots of things that is not true in the internet. Many people will do their best in order their business to be on top, even if it means cheating. Through internet, we can rate a lot of businesses in order to aware some people of the experience you have. Many times in my life I was fooled with the star ratings of hotel and its realty frustrating because you assume too much, and that is not the outcome. Being a canary wharf escorts I used to go to hotel with my clients, some of them prefer an indoor date. These clients often shared to me about their frustration of checking in a hotel that does not coincide with the ratings. Sometimes a lot of us is just dependent of what we see in the internet, especially if we are in too much busyness. I realized that not everything in the internet was true; the truth has been reveal by one of my co-worker as a canary wharf escorts. Before she became a canary wharf escorts, she was once an employee of a hotel. That canary wharf escorts really knows everything that is behind on hotel ratings. Canary wharf escorts told me that usually small businesses hired internet enthusiast to grow their business. And this has been proven a lot of times already with some hotelier in the world. Canary wharf escorts told me about that sometimes ratings has been made with one person only. It’s one of the strategies to boost the popularity of a business, especially if it is still starting. Sometimes this business fails down because of the wrong ratings they put in, they have not stand the ratings that is given to them, that is why instead of uprising, it may be the cause of downfall. Of all the frustrations and disappointments I have been through, I put to my mind that I shouldn’t be contented with just star ratings only. I have to do another research, and confirmed to myself that it’s worth a shot. Being a canary wharf escorts it’s also my duty to suggest to my clients the best hotels here in our town. Some of my clients are tourists that are why they are not familiar with the place, and everything here. So, for not a longer discussion on where to stay, I have researched it already; find myself if it’s really a great hotel than just by looking with the ratings. I have been a victim of it lots of time, and have learned from it. it doesn’t matter if it took me too long to research, or have wasted a time of it, at least I will not embarrass our country to my client. As if like, that client would love the accommodation canary wharf escorts give to him, and also have good experiences in the city. If he feels good, he will come back and forth to book canary wharf escorts. Some would definitely share their experiences with canary wharf escorts, and suggests places to go by in canary wharf. One of the most fulfilling experiences for me is to give satisfaction to my client. I really wanted to give them the best hotel in the city so that they will bring good memories back home. And if they come back, they already have an idea of where hotel to stay. Being a canary wharf escorts for so many years, I have lots of learning’s in life, including to be wise and intelligent enough in picking the right hotel. I believe that we have to upgrade our standards in choosing hotels to stay, it must be comfortable and clean. Also those companies who are hiring people to rate for them must be ban and stop. They are fooling people in return of money, which in fact will just destroy their business sooner or later. I think we have to be vigilant in everything we see in the internet.